How to communicate with your cat – the slow blink

Here’s the article:

Dogs and cats read our body language and definitely read our minds. They can sense positive and negative feelings. But apart from these, there’s another confirmed method of communicating with your cat – by “smiling” in a feline way, ie. narrowing the eyes and BLINKING slowly. Yes, blinking.

I’ve done this many, many times with all our cats and they blink back.

If they blink at you first, wow…it means they really like you.

In case you haven’t tried it before, please do try.

It’s their way of saying, “I love you”.

Here is a scientific study on it:

Besides this, the cat also speaks through her tail:

Many, many years ago, a friend told me she prefers dogs to cats. In fact, she did not like cats because “cats do not smile”. Sigh…here’s anthropomorphism at work again. Just because we humans smile, it doesn’t mean cats must also “smile” in the same way. But humans will be humans.

So the next time someone says that to you, do tell them about the “slow blink” of the cat – that’s how they smile to us!

And we love ’em, don’t we?


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