Updates on WinWin (from Survivor Shelter)

Here are some updates on WinWin from Ms Ong:

WinWin’s blood PCV dropped further to 19% today, but she gained weight.

Ms Ong has opted for the Darbepoeitin jab.

Today’s bill is covered by Ms Ong herself.

Here’s an online news about Ms Ong and her shelter: https://says.com/my/makan/burger-stall-bandar-sunway-so-she-can-look-after-47-stray-dogs

Ms Ong also informed us that she will take care of WinWin’s bills from now on. Fate has been given a clean bill of health as well, and she will also take care of her bills herself. More about this in tomorrow’s post on the food aid.

Since WinWin and Fate will not be our Sponsored Animals anymore now, we will not be publishing anymore updates about them.

We wish WinWin and Fate all the very best of health and strength!

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