We turned fourteen years old…yesterday!!

Thank you very much, Joy, JoTong and Maslinda, for your willingness to form this TagTeam with me!
And as the four of us age, we hope to rope in younger people to join our TagTeam too.

As of now, we have our flagship Neutering Aid, Vaccination Aid, Medical Aid and Food Aid. We have always emphasized on the importance of education too. That is what we have been doing and will continue to do.

Thank you so much to all our volunteers and supporters through the years!

The day AnimalCare started – 31st May 2009.

Our many volunteers and supporters:

Dr Veeranoot organised many events for fundraising at the university too.

John Tham raised funds for us by running and cycling!

Hillary, Mabel, Marco and Brian scaled Gunung Kinabalu to raise funds for us!

My mum and I sewed blankets, bags and other items for months for our e-auctions which raised a lot of funds while it lasted.

And last but never least…


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