Calling for a network of feeders for MBPJ TNRM

This is forwarded as received (below). There is no information on who the “we” or “I” are in the message below. But there is no harm in filling up the form, hope of the best and wait for the announcement on Saturday (assuming it is tomorrow).

Can they also do it for cats?

We have been working with MBPJ for the past few months since our Selangor SDG conference in April and have also taken MBPJ staff & Councilor to Penang to see the TNRM system operated by IAWPA and City Council of Penang Island. I am glad to announce that MBPJ is ready to work with NGOs and independent feeders using TNRM. There will be an official launch of the MBPJ TNRM project this Saturday morning at MBPJ.
With the TNRM implementation there will no longer be situations where your neutered stray dog will be captured. Under your care these dogs will now be called community dogs. We will also be able to avoid nasty confrontations with dog catchers. This is the time for all animal lovers to work together with MBPJ to make this system a success.
We are forming a network of animal care givers to identify the different areas which are covered. Once we identify your area, MBPJ will work with care givers to resolve complains. From now on we are partners.
Please fill up the google form below with your details if you are a feeder, rescuer or NGO. MBPJ will mark out all areas that are cared for by animal lovers to start this TNRM system. If your area is in our priority pilot area, we will send you a personal invitation to attend this Saturday official launch. We apologise that we are unable to accommodate everyone as the room can take in maximum 30 persons only.

This photo is a snapshot of the Google form.


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