What are the Blondies up to these days?

Climbing, climbing, climbing!! The platforms are about the best investments we’ve made for them! Indy loves them too and is constantly on the highest (the lookout).

Gerald still comes every morning and calls for the Blondies. So, this morning, they all went on the frame and Gerald was sticking his paw in through the holes, also sticking his tail in.

So all three of the Blondies were balancing on the frame (that’s what kittens do) until Kai lost her balance and dangled on the frame, with her front paws holding onto the metal bar. Before I could catch her, she fell down from the metal bar, landed on all fours and was none the worse.

I don’t think they can squeeze through the hole, especially after we have blocked them, but we don’t want to take the risk.

Waiting for around July where they are bigger in size, then we will put back the platforms.

Litter-box usage is great! And I saw them using the sandpit too.

I’m still using Cat’s Best (previously known as Oko Plus) since they accept this pine litter. I will most likely stick to this brand and convert Tabs and Riley to it too.

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