The Blondies’ vaccination today

I took the Blondies for their next vaccinations today.

For Kai and Akira, this was their third, hence that completes their baby vaccinations.

For Indra, it was her second. Hers was delayed for a month because she had the flu earlier on.

All have increased in weight with Indra (yes, the youngest!) leading at 2.3kg, followed by Kai (the eldest) at 2.1kg and Akira at 2.0kg.

I thought Kai would be the lightest as she eats the least, but no.

They were also dewormed and given a clean bill of health. All “very pink”!

The Blondies are almost 4 months old now.

When they turn 5 months, it would be time for them to be spayed. The vet said some cats come into heat at 4.5 months, so I have to watch out for the signs.

Indra, Akira and Cow Mau.

Kai, the solitary kitten. She prefers to be on her own.

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