Elton is now in Paris!!!

Do you remember Elton?

He’s the little street kitten rescued by tourists, Thea Haynes and her partner, when they were visiting Kota Bharu some time ago. Thea wrote to us and we tried our best to seek help for rehoming, but to no avail. Thea and her partner got Elton treated at the vet’s, and Elton travelled with them on the bus up to Penang even though they were backpacking.

Finally, Thea’s sister in Paris fell in love with Elton and decided to adopt him. Thus began the long process of getting all the documents and necessary vaccinations. Thea’s family and friends raised the money for Elton’s trip to Paris.

Elton travelling with Thea in the cabin from KL to Paris, via Istanbul. It was a 30 hour trip.

And now….drumroll, folks!!

Elton is settled in Paris and in his loving forever home!!

Miracles DO happen, folks! And it’s all thanks to the efforts of Thea Haynes!

Here’s Thea’s latest email:

Hello Kah Yein, 

I just thought I’d email with an update from Elton. 
We got all the paperwork sorted and set off for a 30 hour trip from KL to Paris, via Istanbul. He traveled in the cabin with me and was an angel, despite the pressure changes and long flight times. 
We finally arrived in Paris where my sister and brother in law were waiting for us at the airport, very excited to meet their new fur baby! 
He settled into their apartment in Paris beautifully. He has completely forgotten the streets he once lived on and is now surrounded by all the love and affection that every animal deserves. My sister and her partner are completely besotted with him and he is already very much “king of the household”! He enjoys sitting at the window and surveying his empire : the Parisian street below! 
I have sent you some pictures of his travels but mostly of his new home so that you can see how happy our little Malaysian miracle is. 
Thank you again for your constant support and I hope that you are able to continue your fantastic work. I recently gave your charity contact details to a wonderful woman – Linda – who manages a hostel in the centre of KL and rescues the street cats too. She currently has 10 and works 24/7 to keep the  hostel clean and the cats healthy. She, like you, like Ong (the lady in KB), deserves so much credit and praise. I let her know about your spaying aid so I hope she gets in contact with you. 
I hope you are well, 
Kind regards, 
We flew with Turkish airlines and it was very easy with a cat. I know that Airfrance also allow cats in cabins. The only requirement for cabin travel is that the animals and carrier weigh less than 8kg combined and that the carrier is within the specified dimensions (Turkish airlines is 23x30x40cm).