Gerald saves the day…again! “Happy Birthday, Riley”

How many times have Gerald saved the day?

So many times!!

He’s such a sweet, sweet hero!

Riley escaped again yesterday evening. According to hubby, she hid near the piano, quite a distance from the front door, and when he opened the door, she made a dash for it and sneaked out.

I heard the commotion and quickly rushed out to help.

Hubby was trying to stop Riley from dashing out of the front gate, but Gerald was the hero!

Gerald was stopping Riley too!! He was chasing her back into the garden and cordoning her off. I wasted no time in trying to catch Riley, but she was very elusive.

Gerald and I finally trapped her under the car but she was adamant to still try to escape.

Hubby went back to the front door, opened it, but tried as we did, she would not go back in.

Finally, I managed to catch her, again, with Gerald’s help!

Gerald, you are the BEST!!

Naughty Riley.

We noticed she gets into this frenzied mood at times where she simply HAS to escape.

Actually, when I rescued Riley (not so much of a “rescue” actually, more of successfully catching her to be spayed), she was estimated to be about 5 months old even though she was the size of a 3 month-old kitten. So using that as a gauge, Riley would have been born around the month of June in 2022.

That means, Riley is 1 year old this month!

Well, Happy Birthday, Riley!!

She weighed 3.9kg yesterday. That’s a good weight despite her being so, so difficult to feed. She’s very choosy when it comes to food and I’m still resorting to all sorts of methods and tricks to get her to eat.

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