Climate madness in Ireland

The news:


The high priests of climate change are at it again, this time decreeing that 200,000 dairy cows must be put to death to satisfy the left’s global warming religion.

This latest outrage is coming from government officials in Ireland who have announced the destruction of tens of thousands of dairy cows so that officials can meet their climate change goals.

Killing cows to meet governmental climate change goals? 


People aren’t going to stop drinking milk or eating cheese just because the government wants to pretend it is “doing something” about climate change.

So, what does that mean? It means that people will be forced to buy their dairy from foreigners. And what else does that mean? It means foreign farmers will have to increase their production in other places.

OK, now follow me here, Ireland. What ELSE does that mean? Yes, it means that all you are doing is transferring your emissions to other countries and that your supposed climate change “fixes” aren’t really doing anything at all because you’ll just be increasing emissions somewhere else.

Ireland, killing is never a solution to any problem or issue. It is perhaps the easiest way out, but that does not mean it is even a solution.

Over in our country, we have been lamenting for years that the local government by-laws solve the stray “problem” (they see it as a problem, we don’t) by catching and killing. Lately in my area, they also solve the tree “problem” by culling trees, especially old trees which have stood tall through generations and provided shade to residents and had been the natural habitat for many birds and critters. These trees are fell because there is a lack of budget for proper maintenance, we are told. Also, other parties had planted them without proper knowledge that such trees were not suitable for that particular location and type of soil. In many case, the trees were planted first, then the authorities decided they need to widen the roads. Then, later, they say that type of tree isn’t suitable because its roots have encroached into the road. 

Dogs, cats, cows, trees, birds, critters, etc. are all part of nature. Just because governments or some humans see them as a “problem”, there has to be a better way to handle the issue.

Killing is not a solution to any problem. Please.

The day that humans thought they could control Nature, the day that humans decided they could live separately from Nature, the day that humans decided they are superior to Nature, is the day that human delusion and downfall began. If we still refuse to learn to live harmoniously and respectfully with Nature, we will pay the price. By then, it might just be too late to reverse all the damage we have inflicted.

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