Updates on WinWin and Fate (from Survivor Shelter)

Although Ms Ong Siew Hiang no longer requires our aid, she still keeps in close touch with us and would still like to update us and all donors on WinWin and Fate and also her shelter. Ms Ong feels that since our donors have supported her so much when she was in need, this update is the proper thing to do. We appreciate this gesture very much.

Ms Ong’s burger sales have been really good ever since three online news platforms (Says, Wau Post, Kl Foodie) publicised her work. She has received many visitors at her stall too and someone also donated a bag of dog food to her dogs. Another dog food company has pledged support as well.

We are really happy that she is receiving so much support, which she richly deserves for all her hard work. Ms Ong continues to operate her burger stall every night at Rock Cafe, PJS11/20 which opens from afternoon until after midnight.

Meanwhile, Ms Ong continues to take WinWin for very regular check-ups at the vet’s. WinWin’s blood PCV is gradually dropping and the vet is considering changing his medication as the steroids have caused some swelling of the liver. But WinWin is eating well and behaving as a very “normal” dog.

Fate is growing up very healthily and is in the pink of health.

Here are some photos:

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