Ms Ong rescues another kitten tonight and another dog will enter her shelter tomorrow

Someone dumped a tiny little kitten at Rock Cafe tonight and Ms Ong alerted me about it.

The poor thing was mewing and walking around the cafe.

I told Ms Ong that if she could take the kitten back (maybe later as a companion for Fate), we will sponsor food, vaccination, deworming, neutering and other needs which may arise, as far as we can.

There is also a kitten-hating hawker at the cafe who had earlier threatened to catch all kittens and “throw them somewhere”. He simply hates kittens.

So, Ms Ong agreed and has named the kitten “ET” because of her very large ears.

Since Ms Ong had to sell burgers and there was no place to keep ET safe, she put ET into her stall’s empty dustbin until she finishes work for tonight. ET finally fell asleep in the dustbin.

Tonight, after work, Ms Ong will take ET back home in a cardboard box.

I’ve advised Ms Ong to separate ET from Fate by confining her in a cage first. ET would also need to be checked by a vet as soon as possible. I also told Ms Ong she could drop by my house to collect some canned food for the kitten tomorrow, but Ms Ong says she still has enough canned food from our donated food (for Fate) last time and tomorrow she has a full day as a new dog will be going into her shelter.

The background of this dog is that she was an accident victim and someone had rescued her. One leg is injured, though, and the dog was sent to a vet for treatment but we have no information as to what was done. The dog, named Oyen, has since been spayed, but we were told that the wound opened up even though the dog was boarded at the vet’s throughout. So, the dog had to be anaesthetised again to be re-stitched. The vet clinic was the choice of the rescuer and not Ms Ong. But Ms Ong offered to take Oyen since a three-legged dog would be really hard to rehome and also should not be released.

So, Oyen’s restitching has finally healed and she will be sent to Survivor’s tomorrow. Hence, Ms Ong has to go into the shelter to supervise this relocation.  Oyen’s neutering and boarding fee are covered by a Singaporean donor in full sourced by the rescuer.

After the restitching.

Meanwhile, there is a mother-cat and three little kittens at the cafe too.

Ms Ong’s plan is to catch the mother-cat tomorrow for spaying. The spaying will be sponsored by the same Singaporean donor.

As for the kittens, they all look so healthy. Earlier on, the mother-cat had been coming daily to take back cooked chicken meat for her kittens when they were younger. Now, the mother-cat brings the kittens to the cafe for food. Ms Ong feeds them.

We are discussing with Ms Ong on some feasible ways to help the many cats and kittens at the cafe. We will update everyone later once there is a firm plan.