Updates from Survivor Shelter

Ms Ong continues to update us on what is going on at her shelter.

WinWin’s blood PCV has stagnated at 18%. The vet has decided to remove all medication and see what effect that takes. WinWin has also put on a lot of weight, partly due to lack of exercise and also the effects of the steroids.

Meanwhile over at the shelter, all the dogs had a treat of canned food today. This is the canned food we donated previously. Ms Ong gives them canned food twice a week.

There’s still this balance from our previous donation.

A kind lady donated 10 bags of Dog King kibble to Survivor Shelter today.

We had been supporting Survivor Shelter with pet food, medical and neutering aid for some time now until this month when Ms Ong says her burger stall is doing better now, with so much publicity from online platforms, so she says she does not require our aid anymore. We salute her for being independent and self-sufficient.

Meanwhile, here is another effort to help Ms Ong; it is a youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wlByBi9oyM

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