Medical claim for 1 dog in Subang Jaya (Wong Su Moi’s)

We have provided an aid of RM250 for the scrotal ablation procedure done on Brown1 as this problem was identified during neutering.

The total bill for the scrotal ablation (inclusive of neutering), the boarding, medication and consultation came up to RM631. We have already given RM200 for the neutering so this is another RM250 to help with the medical procedure. The scrotal ablation was done to address a maggot wound in the testicles.

There is another bill for restitching when the wound opened up after discharge but we cannot cover that. Due to the wound opening up, Brown1 was boarded again for restitching.

According to Ms Wong, the wound also bled while Brown1 was boarded at the clinic the first time around. Kindly refer to Ms Wong’s account below.

We obtained further information from Ms Wong regarding Brown1’s condition and the restitching:

When i visited dog on 7th day, the intended discharged day, the Dr told me wound bleeding on 5th day but 7th day is ok, no bleeding but cannot remove stitches. Bleeding due to worker pull it out for washing cage. I am not happy about the wound bleeding, so i decided to discharge him. The vet said I could discharge, just need to put on the e-collar. Second day after discharge found wound open up, but dr ask to treat it as open wound with iodine. But third day found wound getting bigger. So, dr advise to bring back to stitch and board more days.

Now stitches not remove yet, next week will bring back to remove.

We have asked for the date for the removal of stitches (tentatively 7th July 2023), advised Ms Wong to please not release Brown1 with the e-collar on and we also have requested for photos and an update one week after the removal of stitches.

There is no proper place to leash the dog. That factory no fencing. They tied to their work place but need to release dog to pee n poo. I also worried accident may happen during this time. When i feed , i feed at inner road outside the factory. The worker will release the dog to eat. Only when the dog return to factory , they will leash him.
The workers are kind , they allow dogs take shelter in factory at night and raining too. As i give kibble for them to feed, the dogs are familiar with them.
I will remove collar today. But let the stitches remain till Friday.

Ms Wong feeds the dogs daily on Mondays through Fridays. She supplies kibble to the workers and they feed on Saturdays and Sundays.

As explained by Ms Wong, Brown1’s wound bled while he was being boarded on the 5th day, and after discharge, the wound opened up again two days later.

Below is Brown1’s photo taken today, during feeding:

We hope the wound heals well this time.