Jackson Galaxy’s tip on switching from dry food to wet food

If you are interested in cutting down dry food (or even totally eliminating it) from your cats’ diet, here’s Mr Jackson Galaxy’s tip:


In short:

  1. Take the dry food away slowly. Replace it with wet food meals, but do it gradually.
  2. No need to get rid of the dry food completely. Use it as a treat.

I managed to convert all our cats to a 100% raw diet way back in 2019. The hardest to convert was Heidi but even she only took one month for a total conversion. One month is considered very good already, for cats who have had kibble and canned all their lives.

But now, Indy wants kibble again and this is followed by Tabs and Riley (she learnt it from Tabs). Akira too.

Indy is weird, so whatever I do with Indy may not work for other cats. Indy has his raw food daily, I handfeed him and he eats it. He just refuses to pick it up with his mouth for reasons only known to him. Perhaps it is a preference for a certain texture. I’m also handfeeding Tabs and Riley and it works too. Akira is a challenge.

The Blondies (Kai, Akira and Indra) only learnt about kibble because Cleo wants her renal kibble as a treat. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even have known that kibble exists!

Personally, I prefer feeding wet food to cats, especially, because by nature, they already don’t drink much water, having descended from the deserts of Persia. This is partly why cats are so prone to kidney disease. As for the type of wet food, I also prefer raw food as that’s their biologically intended food.

The same goes for dogs even though by nature they drink more water than cats.

But do consult a pet nutritionist for professional advice.