Mother-dog caught for neutering (updates from Loke Siew Fong)

With all the puppies adopted (we sponsored the vaccinations for four of them), it was time to get the mother-dog neutered.

Ms Loke asked us for suggestions and our dog-rescuer and TagTeam member, JoTong, was in communication with Ms Loke.

Finally, on 5th July 2023, Ms Loke and her friends managed to secure the mother-dog!

Good evening Dr Chan, with the help of 2 more volunteers, a blanket and towel, we finally managed to trap Mama Dog. Thank you for all your kind help and also to Ms Tong for taking the time to reply me last night. Will let Mama Dog rest and chill tonight and make arrangements with vet for her.

We had already offered our Neutering Aid for this mother-dog, but Ms Loke says her friend managed to get another organisation for help so they won’t be applying from us.

My friend has helped to set up a vet appointment under (another organisation) for only RM30 (Nexgard fee). The appointment made for 10th July, hoping if all goes well, then I won’t need to trouble your organisation for funding again. Sincerely thank you for all your kind and generous help, will update how Mama Dog’s appointment goes after 10th July appointment.