Akira bounces back!

As of right now, I think Akira has bounced back!

She’s active and her appetite is really good.

She was so down and out yesterday so much so that as I drove Kai and her to the vet’s, she was so quiet (while Kai was making a total racket), I was telling her, “Hang on, Akira, hang on, we are going to the vet’s…hang on!”

Now, she has bounced back in full force!

Kittens – they go down very fast but they also bounce back very fast!! So when they are sick, they do need IMMEDIATE medical attention.

Akira sapu habis her Cubgrub this morning. She loves Cubgrub!

Then she hounded Indy for his renal kibble. Indy doesn’t need to be on renal kibble, actually. The renal kibble is for Cleo’s snack, but he likes it. So, with our Super Seniors, it’s whatever they like. But Indy still gets his staple raw food, handfed.

Indra ate her raw food, but Kai wasn’t interested.

Both still want to wait for cockroaches to come out from the drainhole. I did not see any adult cockroaches this morning, but I did see a tiny one. I know cockroaches can squeeze out from the narrowest gaps with no difficulties at all. Their bodies are so flat. More about my cockroach-control endeavours later.

That’s Kai in the hammock! She’s active, just not so interested in food yet.

Later, Kai did eat canned food, so that’s good. I shall write about that later.