Gerald and Misty – the best of friends

Updates: So sorry I made a huge typo in the original title. It’s Misty, not Riley!

I normally only go out of a walk after the sun rises so that I can free a free dose of Vitamin D! 20 minutes of walking in the sun gives us roughly 20,000 units of Vitamin D, so I’ve been told.

The other reason is so that the traffic is not so heavy after the early morning rush-to-office traffic and it would be safer for Gerald and Riley to accompany me, even if it’s for the beginning of the walk. To keep them safe, I normally quickly cross the road with them and go up to the park so that they remain in the park as I continue with my walk.

The problem with our neighbourhood is that it has a kindergarten which occupies an intermediate lot (I’m told kindies are only supposed to use a corner lot, but this one is in an intermediate lot and despite complaints to the council, they are still there) and those parents sometimes drive fast. They also contribute to the increase of the volume of traffic in our neighbourhood. 

Safely at the park now.

Would you believe it? Gerald, Misty and Creamy (yes, all three of them) are on a 100% raw diet now. They don’t even like canned food or kibble anymore. I didn’t know it would be so easy to convert them (not that I even tried to convert them, I only gave them some raw food and they took a liking to it so easily).

My plan was to give them a mix (rojak) so that they will be able to eat all three types of food – raw, canned and kibble. This is because they are CNRM-cats and might have other food sources.

But even Creamy who only comes for food (he has a home in the street at the back) only wants raw food. If I give him canned or kibble, he doesn’t eat it. He only comes for raw. Pandai!

Their natural instincts are intact.