Kai eats!

So Kai just wanted canned food. She’s not ready to eat raw food yet, due to the bout of gassy gut.

Kai is eating Cindy’s Tender Chicken with Broth here.

According to a vet I spoke to sometime ago, the protein in cooked food is broken down so it’s more easily digested. But according to someone who studied pet nutrition, he told me that raw food is more easily digested because it contains natural enzymes that make it the more biologically appropriate food for cats and dogs. So, I’m not sure which is better, hence, I’d let the animal decide for themselves. They should know better, I hope!

From the internet:

Raw foods are enzymatically alive which means these foods have live enzymes within them to help digest 40 to 60% of that particular food. Cooked and processed foods are enzymatically dead which means there are no live enzymes within that food to help digestion.

Cooked food is dead food. This is why humans purchase enzymes as supplements. And this is why we eat our fruit raw. Fruit has a lot of natural enzymes. We don’t eat cooked fruit, do we? 

If only humans could survive purely on fruit. But we cannot.

Only Kai likes canned food. Samantha and Akira tried a bit but didn’t like it. Indra sniffed at it and went away. So amongst them, only Kai likes canned food. The rest are on raw. I hope to transition Kai back to raw food once he feels better. Akira already went back to raw last night itself!

Indra is trying to use Samantha as a step to get down!

Also, the three Blondies still try to suckle Samantha. At five months of age!! It’s for comfort.

Look at these two “meerkats”!

Indra is trying to suckle Samantha.


Akira and Kai. Indra is the one with a white patch on the nose.

The comrades grooming each other.

All’s well for now. Phew!

At least Kai is eating on her own, albeit her preference for canned food for now.