Kai eats raw food!

Kai bounced back and ate a raw meal late last night!

So I think both of them are okay now. The vet says I can stop the Beazyme already once they are eating normally.

So, it’s just the probiotics for both and the Metrogyl to complete for Akira.

Kai ate raw food last night and this morning for breakfast.

Akira quickly hit up at the platforms so that I cannot give her her medicines. But I waited patiently for her to come down.

Kai is still interested in cockroaches, but I think I’ve found the solution!

Cocorex didn’t work, but Chlorox does, at least since yesterday. Filth and cleanliness don’t mix, so the smell of Chlorox drives them away. As of yesterday, there were no more cockroaches coming out of the drainhole, but instead, there are small centipedes. Sigh. But I’ve been blocking the hole. Still, in the past, whenever I threw cat litter into the hole, cockroaches would crawl out of it. Since yesterday, there were no more!