American Bully found at Balakong industrial area

Hi all,

It’s JoTong here.

I rescued an American Bully last Sunday evening from Balakong industrial area where I feed dogs after receiving information from a foreign worker who works there.

Initially I was actually afraid as he looked fierce, but as I was trying to catch him, surprisingly, he approached me and voluntarily put his head through my leash. He even put his front legs up on my car bumper and I just needed to push his buttocks up into the cage in my car.

I took him immediately to vet’s for a check-up. The vet did not find any microchip on him. He is also a healthy male dog, estimated to be around 5 years old, with nice fur and clean teeth (no tartar).

I believed he could be a lost dog and I really hope he was not abandoned by his owner.

Anyone who has lost their American Bully may contact me at 012-383 1393 for more info.

I would appreciate if you could please show me your photos with your dog to prove that you are the owner.

He appeared to be very scared initially. Poor thing.

After a day at the vet’s, he is eating well and very much more relaxed now.