How is Cow Mau now?

I’m so glad I asked the vet to check on Cow Mau during the house call for the Monsters two days ago.

Previously I was under the impression that Cow Mau’s tearing (brown discharge from the eyes) was due to blocked sinuses and the only way to clear that was to sedate him.

But after putting him on Doxy, together with Bromhexine, Cetirizine (both for the nasal discharge and runny nose) and the Gentamycin-Pos eye ointment, it was like a miracle! The brown discharge totally stopped after a day!

Now, the problem is continuing the eye ointment as Cow Mau doesn’t like it and even with two people, it’s very challenging applying the ointment onto his eyes. He fights back and resists. He needs the ointment for another 3 days, at least.

I tried applying the ointment alone this morning and it was a disaster and complete failure.

But other than this, the rest of the oral medication is easy.  The trick is, not to do it right after he has mouth discomfort (pawing). Wait until he isn’t pawing anymore, then it is very, very easy.

As for the pawing, he is still doing it midway through his meal. But I noticed he can eat longer now before he starts pawing. Hopefully, this is a good sign.  The vet reminded me to flush his mouth with water to help clear the food debris stuck in his gums. Even 2ml of water would be helpful.

The vet says we could increase the steroids in the next injection since Cow Mau’s blood test shows his kidneys and liver are normal. Also, the Orozyme can be increased to twice a day if Cow allows it. Oh, he loves Orozyme, so that’s good. (Only Tabs absolutely hates Orozyme. The rest of the cats have no issues with it.)

I must remember the flush his mouth with water. That might help too.

It looks like Cow Mau is so much more comfortable now too. This is his favourite spot for his naps.

Coco&Joe’s texture is too thick and sticky for Cow Mau presently, so I’ve switched him to Cubgrub’s CKD Chicken which is more watery. He can eat this very well.

And I also give him Cindy’s pureed Tuna with Goat’s Milk as the texture is much smoother than the chicken flavour. Both are pureed.

I notice that with these two foods, he tends to be able to eat much better. He can also gulp down small balls of Coco&Joe’s as long as it doesn’t get lodged in his gum ulcerations.

I’ve tested kibble too, and I know which kibble size is the smallest (I’ve tested various flavours), but the kibble irritates his gums. So that’s out.

But I’m glad that at least we have the brown eye (ocular) discharge problem sorted out. Now, it’s the gum inflammation problem. I’ve avoided using transdermal Tramadol so far, but the vet says I can use it for Cow Mau if the pain is troubling him. Usually, it is only during meal times. At other times, it doesn’t paw his mouth.

Cow Mau is our most tahan lasak cat!