The day Lynx skipped breakfast (oh no!!!)

This happened a few days ago.

It was coincidentally one day after the vaccination but I’m sure it was unrelated.

I was serving breakfast at Ginger’s Catio when one bowl was uneaten.

With the Monsters and sometimes it is still dark, it take more than a second to figure out who’s not eating (they do tend to look alike).

Oh no, it was Lynx!

Lynx NEVER skips a meal. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever. He’s the one who steals everyone’s food. He loves food.

It was still dark, so I quickly check to see where he was and I found him sitting in a hamster-position behind the deck chair on the table.

Oh no, Lynx, what’s wrong?

I offered him his bowl of food.

He just sniffed at it and did not want to eat.

Something is definitely wrong with Lynx. Lynx never refuses food.

Then I saw a pile of vomit on a chair and put two and two together. That must be the cause.

Normally if cats have some tummy upset coupled with nausea, they will refuse the food that reminds them of the nausea. Hence, you might have to change the food.

So I offered him canned food (the Monsters are on Coco&Joe’s and only raw food) and he didn’t want any too.

Poor Lynx. It’s not like him to skip to meal at all.

I told myself I’d give him some time to get over the nausea and after feeding everyone else, I might consider giving him Omeprazole for the tummy upset.

So after Ginger’s Catio, I went to Bunny’s Place and this always takes the longest because it involves cleaning up 6 litter boxes, the sandpit and the room.

After I was done at Bunny’s Place, I went to check on Lynx again. This time, I offered him Cindy’s pureed (baby) food. He also refused.

I decided to wait a while longer before resorting to the Omeprazole. Sometimes, time is all you need if the problem isn’t serious.

At about 10am, Lynx seemed hungry and was scratching at the door and I read that as him asking for food.

So I brought out some Coco&Joe’s and guess what, he ate it all up!!

That’s the benefit of youth, isn’t it? You heal fast!

And that’s was it. He had recovered from it himself.

Over at Ginger’s Catio, there are only two cats who sometimes skip a meal – Minnie and Robin. Nobody else skips meals over here. They are all big eaters.

This is a very rate photo, to have all of them eating on the ground. Usually Smurfy and Lynx will be up on the table.

Anti-clockwise from Ginger: Ginger, Smurfy, Lynx, Rey, Robin and Minnie.

Lynx picking up all the left-overs, as usual.