The rescue of Whiskers (a story from Imm’s Shelter)

A few days ago, Judy shared these photos with me.

A little kitten (now named Whiskers) was sighted inside a big drain. Torrential rains are in season nowadays and Judy was very worried that the heavy rains will wash Whiskers away.

According to Judy, it wasn’t exactly a very deep drain, but at her age of 74+, it was too risky for her to attempt to go down. I absolutely and totally agree with her. Don’t risk it. But Judy did leave a plank for Whiskers to (hopefully) climb up.

She left food for Whiskers too.

But Whiskers did not climb up and just preferred to stay in the drain. Ginger would have understood, he loves drains too!

So, Judy requested help from their pet taxi person, and he came to help.


Whiskers was sent to the vet’s for a check-up.

Whiskers is now at Imm’s Shelter! This is today’s photo.
An update on 1st Aug 2023: Whiskers has been adopted by a very loving family!

A note to everyone: Don’t take risks to your safety in doing rescue work. If it is too dangerous for you, get help from others. Remember that if you injure yourself, who is going to take care of all your furry dependents?