The Blondies are ear-notched!

The Blondies were spayed late June but I had forgotten to remind the vet to ear-notch them.

So, in order to get it done, we were advised to wait for one month before putting them under general anaesthesia again for the 5-minute procedure of ear-notching.

It was done today. The vet had prescribed Gabapentin (as a calming medication) earlier to be given today, two hours before the clinic visit. So I fed them the Gabapentin and I think it didn’t quite work. Akira was docile, but Kai and especially Indra were very stressed in the car.

But they are home now! All done!

Cow Mau was very concerned when they came home.

They aren’t completely 100% awake yet, actually, but the vet said it was safe to take them home already.




Indy and Cleo were also quite concerned.

Samantha (their mother) wasn’t. At all.

Finally, the ear-notching is done!

Note to self: ALWAYS remember the remind the vet to ear-notch during the neutering procedure. No matter how many times we’ve had it done, always still remind the vet!