Is your area’s candidate interested in helping street animals?

State elections are around the corner!

Have you engaged with your constituency’s candidates?

I have.

And here’s more:

Listen to Saudara Zayd Shaukat’s answers to the last question, Subang Jaya animal-loving folks!

What are the 3 changes you would want to make in Subang Jaya?

  1. To make Subang more walkable – YES!
  2. To improve green spaces and sports facilities – YES!
  3. To trap-neuter-release stray animals!! – YES, YES, YES!!

For the first time EVER, a candidate who includes the wellbeing of street animals in his plans!

For me, that REALLY matters!

Animals cannot vote. But animal lovers can. Vote on behalf of the animals, folks! This opportunity only comes once in every five years.