The Blondies and Indy

Indy is back to being a kibble-king again nowadays.

But kibble is still a snack. His staple food is raw food, which I handfeed him. The only raw food he is willing to eat by himself is rehydrated Primal Freeze Dried. As for Cubgrub and Coco&Joe’s, I have to handfeed him. Why so, only he knows! But he would readily eat the food when handfed. Must be handfed.

Here’s Indy getting a post-breakfast snack of kibble.

Akira also has a “sweet tooth” for kibble as a snack.

She is trying to wrestle the kibble from Indy and is joined by Kai. Kai doesn’t want kibble, she only wants the fun.

Indra also doesn’t want kibble. Just the fun.

Akira gets it. Indy, the gentleman, lets her have it.

Indy drinks water from the tap. He has always preferred this mode of drinking. It’s fresher, he says.

You’ll get another snack later, Indy. You’re a good boy.