Mission: Possible – Minnie returns!! (Part 3)

I was just about to write Mission: Still Impossible – No sightings of Minnie (Part 3) when I checked the porch for the umpteenth time tonight and guess what….

Minnie was mooching around the Porch Feeding Station.

Wait, was it Minnie?

YES!!!  It was Minnie. She’s at the feeding station (Gerald’s bowls).

But by now, we had already let the Monsters back to Ginger’s Catio and Tabs and Riley were in the house. So I quickly asked hubby to put Tabs and Riley into Bunny’s Place so that I could open the front door to do whatever it takes to get Minnie back.

I quickly rushed into the kitchen to get a bowl and opened a can of Cindy’s chicken.

Minnie came to the front door and was about to come in (wow…really?) when out of the blue, Misty came and hissed at her. This frightened Minnie and she took a few steps back.

Oh no, no, no, Misty, you are supposed to help me. Japanese Method, remember?  You are not supposed to frighten Minnie away.

What on earth….?

Misty is a gangster.

So, Minnie took a few steps back and I quickly shooed Misty away, but then came Gerald. Gerald was also in the porch and probably due to instructions from Misty, Gerald wasn’t friendly to Minnie either.

Sigh…this isn’t Gerald. Wasn’t Gerald accompanying Minnie in the evening and ushering her back?

Gerald knows no hostility. What did Misty do to Gerald?

So there was hissing in the porch and this drove Minnie further towards the gate. Poor Minnie, she WANTS to come back. She was all ready to come through the front door.

How can I get rid of Misty and Gerald? So I went over the scooped Gerald up and brought him into the house, into Bunny’s Place. Ok, one down, one more to go. But I cannot catch Misty. She’s very elusive. Female!!

So there I was trying to keep Misty from antagonising poor Minnie.

And at the same time, I asked hubby to quickly send all the Monsters back to Bunny’s Place so that I can open Stargate for Minnie. The front door was already open but Misty won’t let her come in through that route. So we had to open Stargate. Hopefully, Minnie could find a way to come in through Stargate.

But it took too long to get the Monsters to Bunny’s Place.

Minnie was approaching Stargate and I could only open it a small bit while trying to ward off Ginger and Robin who were trying to get out. It was crazy.

Minnie decided it was too messy, so she went to sit near the car. Ok, still good. She’s still in the porch. But before long, she started walking out of the gate again. Oh no, no, no…come back, Minnie. Come back, please.

Minnie’s gone. I went out to the road but could not see her anywhere at all. It did not help that she’s grey and it’s dark outside.

Hubby was still trying to get all the Monsters into Bunny’s Place.

After awhile, I spotted Minnie.

She was on the pillar. Clearly, she’s trying to get back.

So I brought out the bowl of food from the front door and placed it at the garbage compartment platform so that she could jump down and eat. But guess what, who needs food?

Minnie just looked at me from the pillar and kept doing slow blinks. Okay, that’s a good sign. Slow blinks are blinks of affection. I slow-blinked back at her and told her she should come home. Please…

Minnie just kept slow-blinking at me and I slow-blinked back.

Then hubby shouted from inside saying I could open Stargate already. He had got all the Monsters into Bunny’s Place.

So I quickly opened Stargate (my raffia string was still in place).

Minnie came down from the pillar. I placed the food bowl in the catio, deep inside so that she would have to come in to eat.

Come in, Minnie. Come home.

She’s in!!!  She’s in!!!!!

I pulled the raffia string. Stargate slammed shut. Minnie did not even jump. I think I could have walked past her to close Stargate. But I did not take any chances. The moment she was safely inside walking toward the food bowl, I pulled the raffia string.

Minnie’s home!!!!!!!!! This was at about 9.45pm.

Thank you, Kitchen God. Thank you, all guardians. Thank you everyone who has been rooting for her.

We let Ginger back as Minnie absolutely adores Ginger.

Mission: Possible – Minnie is home!!!!

Should I throw away the key to Stargate so that NOBODY can ever open it again?

Now, we have to settle Gerald being in Bunny’s Place, but that’s a minor issue.

Minnie is HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!