Sorry, it’s going to be the same old, same old again

Sorry, all street animals. You all have to be careful living outdoors. The humans had this thing called an “election” yesterday and there was a small group of young compassionate humans who believed and pushed for neuter-return-manage, which is the most compassionate method of letting all of you live out your natural lives safely, but many humans didn’t support this group.

So, it’s the same old again.

We will just have to do our part to protect you as we have done before. There is no change.

On a personal front, it’s really sad that the majority of those who voted yesterday are not interested in change. And I’m not just talking about the management of street animals. There are so many more changes proposed and championed by MUDA which are progressive and beneficial to all. The changes to the education system, for one, which is of great concern to me, as a teacher. And so many more!

But this is a platform for street animals and we shall stick to the discussion of this aspect.

So we would have to continue protecting street animals, rain or shine.

So what’s new, right?

Nothing is new. It’s going to be the same old rotten systems in place, as it had been for decades.

We cannot depend on those who rule. We have to help ourselves and our dependents, as before.

I tried.

And I will do it all over again, for our children and for our street animals.

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