Neutering aid for 1 dog in Setapak (Loke Siew Fong’s) & Updates

We have fully sponsored RM180 for the neutering of this female dog. Please see the next post for the vaccination of this same dog.

Ms Loke is assisted by her friends, Lim Geok Lian (Elaine) and Lei RunTao (Crystal). Crystal helps Ms Loke in catching, Ms Loke does to transportation of the dog to Elaine’s house and from there, the dog is sent to the vet’s. Ms Loke is unable to read or write in English or Bahasa Malaysia, so she relies on both her friends or her son to fill up all the forms. She communicates with me through voice messages on Whatsapp in Cantonese and I explain our policies to her.

Updates on the previously-claimed puppies are below.

Previously-claimed puppies:

Ms Loke visits these puppies in their new homes too and she is very happy that they are loved and well taken care of by their families.

Here are some videos of the (now) neutered dog and Ms Loke and her friends’ efforts in trying to capture other dogs in her neighbourhood:

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