The daily crossover

The Monsters get to go over to Bunny’s Place for grass-eating every day and Indy and the Blondies also get to cross over to play in Ginger’s Catio.

The only antagonistic cat is Indy. He is the self-appointed guardian of Bunny’s Place and is much feared.

There are two bullies – Smurfy and Robin.

Everyone else is fine.

Here’s Kai playing on the platforms in Ginger’s Catio.

Kai and Akira both love playing amongst the Thaumatococcus and Heliconia. It’s their “jungle”. We planted some in Bunny’s Place too and they are growing well now. Just not thick enough to be a “jungle” yet.

Rey is completely unaware that Indy (the Terror) has infiltrated the platforms leading to the lookout. Rey is asleep.

Robin heeds Ginger’s advice and steers clear of any confrontation.

Is this Smurfy or Minnie? Haha…

Rey is finally awake and will there be a confrontation on the platforms leading to someone falling off?

Minnie’s lepak itch has subsided. I hope.

Rey is asking for help. Indy isn’t budging.

Tabs decided to join them too, but she will tread with caution.

We decided to help Rey so we shooed Indy back to Bunny’s Place.

It was a peaceful morning.

Indra didn’t cross over this morning.

Another story coming up…