Akira to the vet’s (ear wound)

I took both Akira and Ginger to the vet’s.

This post is about Akira only. The next will be about Ginger.

The vet checked her wound and it’s fine. The blood had already clotted so she did not want to remove the clot. Otherwise, it would start bleeding again.

The vet explained that that part of the ear has a lot of blood vessels. That is why it would bleed easily.

There is no visible signs of any infection too. So a daily application of Fucidin should do the trick.

Right now, the two flaps are curled up so I suspect it is the curling that makes it look like it’s a flat tip. Actually, I think the V-notch is still there.

We shall see after it heals.

I suspect it only looks flat because it’s curled up.

Akira had a delayed hero’s welcome upon her return from the vet’s.

Even Tabs came to check on her. Aww…

Samantha was fast asleep, as usual.