Akira’s ear wound – itchy ears?

Was Akira’s ear wound self-inflicted because of an itchy ear?

It could be, because this morning I saw her scratching her ear vigorously.

I’ve already cleaned her ears even before going to the vet’s.

She’s the least bothered by the ear wound, though, which is a good thing.

That’s the “who cares?” face for you!

Which brings home the point to the cases where people refuse to ear-notch their spayed animals because “tak cantik”. Tak cantik untuk siapa? It can save your female animal from being opened up again. It’s really important for their well-being. Nobody can be 100% sure their pet will not accidentally escape.

I’m very sure nobody attacked Akira to have caused that wound. Her sisters wouldn’t, for sure, unless it’s an accident during play. Some months ago, Akira also had a play cut on her ear.

Cow, Indy and Cleo also don’t harm the Blondies. In fact, they protect them. We’re so lucky that our warriors accepted the Blondies with open arms. Maybe it’s because they are all females and do not post any threat to the territory.

Here’s our unanswered million dollar question: Is Riley Samantha’s daughter?

Is it possible for a calico cat to give birth to a grey tabby? Yes, it is.

If she is, then we’ve got two big families in our home.

Minnie & her 4 Monsters and Samantha and her 3 Blondies plus Riley(?)!

People are often aghast to learn we suddenly have so many cats now. Well, I tell them, you rescue a pregnant cat and you will have a whole family after that.

Neuter, neuter, neuter!