Fluff is finally caught (from Imm’s Shelter)

This is a Sponsored Animals in selected shelters initiative.

Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2023/06/24/helping-imms-shelter-with-the-treatment-of-2-cnrm-dogs-with-tvt/

It was on 24th June 2023 that Judy Chua of Imm’s Shelter approached us for financial assistance to help with Fluff and Dora’s TVT treatment. They had earlier caught Tara, also a dog with TVT and got her treated. Now, there were two more, Fluff and Dora, outside the shelter. Both were suspected to have TVT.

We agreed to sponsor a maximum of RM1500 each for the treatment of the TVT and neutering as there is provision for such under our Neutering Fund and Medical Fund, and we placed Imm’s Shelter as our Sponsored Shelter. We explained that we could not cover the darter’s fee, only the treatment.

Ref: https://myanimalcare.org/2023/07/08/imms-shelter-project-put-on-hold-failure-to-catch-the-two-tvt-dogs/

However, despite repeated efforts, Imm’s Shelter failed to capture the two very elusive dogs and on 8th July 2023, Judy wrote that the project would be put on hold.

Here’s a write-up on how the two dogs are so adept at escaping capture:

Well, as luck would have it, two days ago, they managed to catch Fluff….finally! Along with Fluff, they also caught Tara’s daughter (for spaying).

Dora was still elusive, so that would need another stroke of luck later.

So, Fluff was caught and we will honour our pledge of sponsoring a maximum of RM1500 for her TVT treatment and neutering. The vet opined that it was better to spay Fluff first (in case she escapes again!), so that has been done and the TVT treatment can began after she recovers.

According to the vet, Fluff’s TVT isn’t as bad as Tara’s (Tara has recovered completely).

Judy sent some photos of Fluff which I’ve compiled into a collage here:

Judy says they are only required to settle the bill upon discharge after recovery from the TVT, so they will only be putting in the claim after that.

Get well soon, Fluff!

We hope Dora can be caught soon.


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