Ginger to the vet’s (ultrasound on kidney cyst and blood test)

Ginger was discovered to have a kidney cyst on his right kidney in September 2022. After a repeat check-up, they cyst remained stagnant, so that wasn’t worrying and the check-up was supposed to have been done after 6 months, so it’s already overdue.

In any case, nothing can be done about a kidney cyst. It cannot be removed because the surgery is too invasive and risky and can cause kidney damage, which is worse.

That is also why I delayed the check-up, seeing how Ginger seems to be okay.

Last year, Ginger also had a lump near his thigh. It was found to be a fat lump (checked) and there were no signs of malignancy. I do occasionally check on his lump and there was once there appeared to be several small lumps around the area.

So, since Akira was going to the vet’s, I might as well take Ginger along.

The vet suggested that a blood test be done since it’s coming to a year since his last check-up.

The ultrasound was done too and his bladder is normal (Ginger used to be very prone to FIC (straining to urinate) but he’s been fine for a year now), his spleen is normal too. Certain parts could not be seen as there was quite a bit of faeces (after breakfast!) that was blocking the image.

Ginger’s left kidney is completely fine. The cyst is in the right kidney. The vet measured the cyst and this time it measured 5.7mm x 5.3mm. She checked the previous image (31st October 2022) and measured it again and it was 3.7mm x 4.3mm. So there is a slight increase of about 1-2mm, which isn’t uncommon. The right kidney also has a bit of structural issues, but that is expected for a cat at Ginger’s age (13 years old, FIV+).

So, the cyst would need to be monitored annually. If it encroaches more into his kidney, then Ginger would be treated as a kidney patient, but for now, he appears to be fine.

We waited to the blood test results to be sure.

Well, the blood test results are all normal!

Crea 118. Urea 8.3. SDMA 10. His liver readings and glucose level are normal too.


Also, all the fat lumps seem to have disappeared. The vet palpated all over and found none.

Hmm….must be all the exercise he gets with the Monsters!

The vet says it would be good to put Ginger on Vetri DMG daily since he is FIV+.

But Ginger does have some tartar and gum inflammation. Again, this is common in an FIV+ cat. Ginger had his second dental done in September 2022 and he regurgitated during the procedure (despite the mandatory 8 hour fasting), so the vet will not put him through another dental again. For the gum inflammation, we will continue with Orozyme which he gets daily.

So, other than this, it’s all clear!!

Ginger came home to a hero’s welcome! Everyone came to greet their mentor and hero (I missed the photo).

Ginger also lost 300g and for him, that’s good!