Today’s attempted crossover

The Blondies were not too interested in crossing over this morning.

Akira is totally okay, but the ear wound was still bleeding when I cleaned it today. So I decided not to take chance and will take her to the vet’s.

The Monsters wanted to go over to Bunny’s Place to eat grass, but Indy wasn’t exactly welcoming today. This is all Indy needs to do – just stand his ground. It means “no”.

Only Ginger managed to cross over.

Akira decided to go over to play in her newly-found jungle.

The three girls love playing in this jungle. Their own jungle isn’t fully grown yet, but it’s getting there. There are many new shoots from the ones we have replanted.

Ginger is also overdue for a check-up. He had a kidney cyst last year, detected around Sept-Oct 2022. So my plan is to bring both Akira and Ginger for a check-up.

The crossover ended with Indy fighting off Robin and Rey in a very fierce war-cry fight with a chase.

Guess who won?  It was Indy (15 years old) against Rey and Robin (both 3 years old).

One super senior against two young ‘uns.

The winner?


Rey and Robin fled back to their catio.

There were no casualties and no vet visit was required. Phew…