Happy Meatless Saturday (at Ayaana, NU Empire)!

Any day is a good day for going meatless!

Chutney’s at NU Empire (formerly known as Empire Shopping Gallery in Subang Jaya) has expanded and is now known as Ayaana.

Their interior is absolutely beautiful. Elegant and exquisite and yet, very welcoming.

It was our first visit there because previously as Chutney’s, it was always crowded and full as the previous space was really small. Now, it’s very, very spacious.

You will be greeted by a very friendly manager (not sure if he is the owner; he’s very helpful and humble).

The food is authentic and without preservatives. It is all vegetarian.

This is the medu vadai. The most delicious vadai I’ve ever tasted in my entire life! The coconut chutney is exceptional.

This is rava masala dosa (thosai). 

We were interested to test out the food as Jayden loves thosai! 

Will definitely make another visit there, maybe with Jayden too.

Have a happy meatless day, folks!