Cow Mau, the hero of the morning

Cow Mau did something very heroic this morning.

It is not at all surprising, though, because beneath that tough-looking exterior, lies a very caring and responsible cat. He has always been such, even when he was an infant. He was the one who looked after Pole and Bunny.

Here’s today’s story, one of many.

No photo were taken of Cow Mau’s heroic act as it was related to me by husband. He witnessed it all.

I had let the Monsters over to Bunny’s Place to eat grass this morning, especially for Lynx as he has a bit of tummy discomfort. Normally, eating grass would do the trick.

So Stargate was open wide and this means everyone could cross over. The Monsters came over to eat grass while the Blondies went over to Ginger’s catio to play.

Nowadays, it’s normally quite peaceful so I don’t monitor them until I hear any war cries or it’s “long enough”.

Husband was there and soon, he shooed the Monsters back and closed Stargate, not knowing that the Blondies were still at Ginger’s Catio.

A bit later, he went to Bunny’s Place again and this was what he saw:

Poor Indra was pinned on Stargate on Ginger’s Catio’s side, with two Monsters (husband says he cannot remember who as they all look alike to him) hounding her. Indra was too scared to move. But over on Bunny’s Place side, guess who was standing guard.

Yes, you guessed it right. It was our hero, Cow Mau. Cow Mau was standing next to Indra, separated by Stargate, but Cow’s mere presence there was enough to keep the two bully-Monsters at bay. They did not dare to approach even though they probably knew Cow could not get to them.

The presence of Cow or perhaps his intimidating and protective aura was enough to keep them from attacking poor little Indra.

Husband quickly opened Stargate and Indra zoomed in. Then, he told me all about it and I asked if Kai and Akira had gone back too. He didn’t know, so I went to check and Akira was stuck on one of the platforms. I couldn’t find Kai.

Akira was soon hounded by Rey. We shooed Rey away, and Akira managed to run back to Bunny’s Place and I saw that Kai had also gone back.

So, the Blondies were now safe. Phew….

The Monster are just bullies, that’s all. They might intimidate but they won’t injure.

Good boy, Cow Mau! Good boy!!

Indra, the rescued.

Samantha, did you even know what happened today?

Samantha: Of course I knew. But I also knew they would be fine. No sweat…

Akira, also another rescue of the day.

Kai, the escapee.

They are always under the watchful eye of Cow Mau.

Indy, you didn’t help today?

Indy: My help wasn’t needed. But I was watching. I was on standby duty.

Happiness is lying on a bed.

Akira’s ear-notch is still curled up. The vet jokingly said she probably wants to be an American Curl!