Cow Mau is getting better!

To my untrained eye, Cow Mau is getting better!

I’m so glad we didn’t delay treatment and took him to the 24-hour vet hospital last night. The antibiotic jab must have kicked in because the swelling has subsided a lot.

Cow Mau has always been and still is our most tahan-lasak (resilient to pain) cat. Last night, he was clearly in pain as he was growling softly whenever I handled him. This morning, he let me carry him, pill him and dress his wound without any complaints.

Good morning, Cow Mau!

The boggy mass is gone and the swelling has subsided a lot.

He ate his food happily.

I managed to pill him and clean him single-handed too. No complaints at all from him.

Last night, the vet said to keep the bandage on after a dressing change.

You’re okay, Cow Mau. You’ll be getting well in a few days.

Meanwhile, since last night, Indy had already declared a full-scale war with the Monsters.


I won’t be opening Stargate for awhile now. No access, either way.

Who attacked Cow Mau?

The usual suspects would be, in this order: Robin, Smurfy and Rey. I think we can safely exclude Ginger, Minnie and Lynx from the list. So, it’s just the three usual suspects. None of them suffered any injury, of course. The advantage of youth!

P.S. Smurfy is on the table.