The beautiful street cats of Istanbul

Where can you find people who are kind to street animals?

In our long, long quest in speaking with the authorities if they would just spare the ear-notch street animals from capture and perhaps, start organising campaigns to promote kindness to street animals, we often mention countries where their people are kind to animals.

If we mention The Netherlands, we will be told, “Oh, you cannot compare, their culture is different.”

Then, we mention Thailand, and again, we are told, “Oh, different culture and religion, you cannot compare.”

Next, we mention Turkey. Istanbul? Are they going to tell us it’s a different culture again and that we cannot compare?

Yes, that’s what they would say.

Forget the culture, the race, the religion and whatnot.

Can you not be a humanist, first and foremost? Can you not be just a humane person and live and let live, stop complaining about the presence of street animals and just let them be?

Take a look at this video:

Is being kind SO incredibly difficult for you?  That would be our question to the authorities, the law-makers and people who cannot tolerate the presence of street animals.

Try a little kindness. It will make you happier, truly.

Doesn’t this photo bring a smile to your face and a light to your heart?


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