Akira eats

So far, since coming back from the vet’s, I’ve confined Akira so that I can monitor her condition, that is, whether she vomits or if she eats, if she defecates, etc.

Akira ate her usual amount (which isn’t much) at 1.15pm when we returned from the vet’s.

At about 4pm, I let her out to play a bit and also to assess her activity level. She’s definitely alert and active, as always.

I offered various kinds of food, but she didn’t want any. Granted, Akira isn’t a big eater to begin with, and she is very picky too.

I offered various kinds of food again at 5.45pm. She refused them all – Coco&Joe’s, Cubgrub, kibble (her favourite), canned food.

Finally, I tried dry Primal and she ate this!

Akira eating dried Primal Freeze-Dried at 5.54pm. Quite a fair amount.

Ay 6.50pm, I let her out to play and groom herself and again, to assess her activity level.

Can you see Kai and Akira in the basket, together?

They are so close-knit!

Akira is active and displaying normal behaviour.

Bonding time with Samantha.

I’ve given her 1.5ml Lactulose twice today. Let’s hope there will be defecation tomorrow.

So far there has been no vomiting, which is good. We just want movement in the intestines to push the remaining string out.