Akira’s plication (the remaining string)

Cats eating string is no small matter.

So I took Akira (and Cow Mau – later) to the vet’s.

Two X-Rays were taken and it showed plication. This means corrugation or folds at what appears to be the duodenum (the first part of the small intestines). This is likely caused by the remaining string.

And it also showed that her stomach is full of food.

No 1 is the plication (folds) which is due to the remaining string.
No 2 shows her stomach which is full of food.
No 3 shows the faeces yet to be eliminated.

So what needs to be done is to give Akira 1.5ml of Lactulose twice today with the hope of making the remaining string move along the intestines to be eventually passed out.

Akira would also need to be confined today to monitor if there is any vomiting. If there is, it could mean that there is obstruction and hence, food cannot pass through, so it would be vomited out. If there is vomiting, Akira needs surgery tomorrow to remove that remaining string.

So, we dearly hope that Lactulose will help move that remaining string along and pass it out.

If there is no vomiting, no surgery is required. Just continued monitoring.

No small matter indeed.

I did see some vomit on the grass today, but it looked like digested food. And I don’t know whose vomit it is. There are 7 cats living here, in Bunny’s Place.

Also, the facts are I saw a piece of string that was passed out yesterday – but who passed it out? Was it Akira or someone else? I don’t know. Today’s string was definitely passed out by Akira as it was dangling from her anus. Luckily I saw it.

So we are home now. Akira is not exactly being happy being confined. The problem with her is that she isn’t a big eater, so it’s not so easy to monitor if she is eating “well” or not.

She ate some Cubgrub upon her return.

This is how I normally make her eat – she needs the smell of some kibble, then only will she eat her raw food. She’s a very choosy eater. Her sisters are much easier to feed.

This is Indra doing her nursing duty.

I scrutinised the garden just now, found some mop strings and have removed them.

I hope Akira will be okay and surgery won’t be required tomorrow.

Remaining string, please move along. Please move….