Akira is eating, active and alert (past midnight)

It’s past 1am now. I’ve been monitoring Akira until now.

Here’s what has transpired this evening, from 9.30pm.

Akira ate a lot this evening! But I had to kickstart it by offering kibble, which is a normal practice with her.

With all the refilling and adding, she ate four bowls of raw food this evening!

And after that, I let her play. She was very active, alert and behaving as normal as ever.

I tried offering her some virgin coconut oil (to help the smoothen the passage in the intestines) but she wasn’t keen to lick it. So I syringed 0.5ml into her mouth. Later, Kai licked some on her own and guess who devoured the rest of it? Cleo. Yes, Cleo loved it. However, much later, I found VCO vomit on the floor. This wasn’t Akira as she was already back in the cage. From the amount on the floor, I would think it’s Cleo.

Grooming with mom, Samantha.

Sisterly brawl and grooming with Kai.

With Uncle Indy.

She hasn’t shown any signs of being unwell all day, which I think, is good.

The vet said if there is no vomiting, I need not bring her in tomorrow (meaning Wednesday) for the surgery. Let’s hope we see faeces tomorrow, with the remaining string! Or maybe the string might disintegrate inside her intestines too since it’s cotton fibre, and come out with her stools.

Here’s something I just found from the internet:

What are the complications of linear foreign body in cats?

The most significant possible complication of a linear foreign body is intestinal perforation. As the intestine bunches up along the string or other foreign body, the repeated sawing motion of the foreign material along the intestinal wall can cause a tear, or perforation, in the intestine.

The above sounds very scary. 

I dearly hope Akira’s string problem can be resolved without surgery. But if surgery is needed, we will get it done, of course.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –

I hold on to Hope.