The unsolved mystery of the first string!

All is well this morning.

Akira is back to her usual self (she already was!) – rejecting breakfast because she is too busy playing and exploring. So she did not eat until everyone else had eaten.

Look at her American-curl wannabee ears (the notched one)!

To get Akira to eat, it’s rather tricky business. She will only eat after she’s done playing and zooming around. Then, you need to place a small amount of kibble into the bowl to let her sniff at. Then, place some raw food beside it, and only then will she eat the raw food (and totally ignore the kibble!). What a facepalm way of getting her to eat, right?

Our crazy little kitten – she is a cockroach- and string-eater.

We do wonder who passed out that first piece of string, actually. I only picked up the string from the grass. I actually did not see who passed it out, so that will be a mystery forever. Who passed out that first piece of string?

I only saw the second piece of string being passed out on the next day and it was dangling from Akira’s anus. So, that’s confirmed.

But the first piece? Did it come from Akira, or another Blondie?

Was it you, Kai? Are you also into eating strings? I hope not!

Or was it Indra? I seem to think not. Indra is an avid food eater. She eats a lot of food. Kai isn’t. Kai is pretty much like Akira. Both are small eaters. But then again, the string- and cockroach-eating aren’t happening because of hunger. It’s because of curiosity.

I’m sure it isn’t Samantha either.

Look at the gang!

Under Uncle Indy’s protection!