Medical aid for 1 cat in Cheras (Liang Soak Peng’s)

We have provided an aid of RM400 for the medical treatment and surgery (amputation of tail) for this cat, MJ. We have also provided our neutering aid for MJ (please see previous post).

Ms (Joey) Liang did this rescue with Ms Teh Pei Lin (Beetho Teh).

The total bill for the medical treatment is RM680.75.

Our concern for MJ is the bent paw. If there is a chance of healing, that would be good. But if there isn’t, amputation might be a better option to prevent pressure sores from developing on that paw.

We helped in a case in June 2011, of a dog named Jenny who was also an accident victim. The leg was injured, infected and the vet did not see any chance of healing, so he explained that rather than let Jenny suffer the pain in that injured leg, amputation of the entire leg (leaving no stump) would be the best option – the pain would be gone and Jenny could easily learn to walk on 3 legs. Even though the injury was in the paw, the vet strongly advise that the amputation should be the entire leg leaving no stump because if there was a stump, Jenny would try to walk on that stump and limp all her life. We heeded the vet’s advice and true enough, the moment Jenny woke up from the surgery, she actually started eating voraciously and soon after, even started RUNNING happily all over the clinic. I was there with the rescuer and witnessed this remarkable turn-around myself. Before the surgery, Jenny was totally depressed, most likely due to the pain in the injured leg. The vet explained further that to an animal, all they want is to be free from pain. They don’t care about cosmetics. And a dog can definitely learn to survive on 3 legs. Again, that was absolutely true because Jenny lived a full life until a ripe old age, on 3 legs. We learnt from this case that we should not anthropomorphise. To humans, cosmetics matter. It does not, to animals. Animals just want to be free from pain and they will cope much better than us.

Jenny’s case, after surgery:

In MJ’s case, of course we hope the paw can heal since MJ is a young cat. But in the course of giving it time to heal, care must be taken to prevent pressure sores from forming on that bent paw. Ms Liang will be taking MJ for an assessment by the pet physiotherapist today. We will wait for updates.

Meanwhile, we wrote to Ms Liang to ask for further details and a long-term plan. Here are her replies:

Vet didn’t give a timeline though. Because X-rays can’t see damaged nerve so just hope she heals somehow. Yes vet did mention about the sore but at this stage we are still trying to help her. 

The initial advice from the vet was to amputate, but because she is young, best to monitor. I sent her video to a physiotherapist, she said MJ is having brachial plexus injury. Asked us to do splint for her n keep massaging. Hopefully. So keep the amputation to the last resort. At this stage, she is not depressed, has good appetite, is loving and moving around.

All words have been shared about her adoption but I haven’t really posted on fb or cats group. We will continue to foster her. There are some friends helping in fostering if we are going away or etc. at this stage, because she is going to see the physiotherapist only today, and maybe a few sessions before we know the outcome. We still have hope that she will find a home that accept her. Leaving her back to the street isn’t our choice because don’t know where to leave her as we found her by the roadside and also her paw condition just isn’t fit to do so. 

Actually we have rescued a cat with a limped hind leg. X-ray showed no fracture but she was just dragging it. She was around 4 months old. Anyway, my friend adopted her and kept her hind leg. She grew up sometimes using it, so we hoping for the same with Mj. Thanks for sharing.

An update at 3pm:

According to the physiotherapist’s assessment, nothing can be done as there isn’t any response from the arm. Anyway, we all also felt that no need to rush into amputation unless there is a sore as she just gotten out from surgery. Best let her eat n rest well and same time finding a suitable home. Thank you for assisting in the medical and neutering costs. Meant a lot to us. 

This video was taken right after discharge from the clinic. According to Ms Liang, MJ is able to hop around now.

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  • Emma

    Reminds me of Toby…he had a nerve injury too. Didn’t amputate the hand but as he grew up the bend developed pressure sores and I had to clean and bandage it daily. He also used that hand to cover his poo while standing on the other.

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