A treeshrew passing through

All it took was for a little treeshrew to pass through on the ledge at Bunny’s Place and that threw breakfast in total disarray!

Kai, Akira and Indra were all in hot pursuit of the treeshrew.

Kai was transfixed and determined to continue “hunting”. Luckily I managed to call Akira to get her to come down.

Indra had the good sense to eat first.

I could only feed Akira halfway. She had half a mind to go back and join Kai in her pursuit of the treeshrew.

I know there’s no way Kai would come down to eat.

Indy, as usual.

After everyone had eaten, Kai is still up there.

It took a long time before she finally came down and I managed to coax her to eat. And eat, she did. Three bowls too.

I had to let Ginger over to eat grass. He had a bout of vomiting this morning.

Usually eating grass would do the trick, but to play it safe, I gave him Famotidine too.