A TVT dog colony outside Imm’s Shelter

There is a colony of dogs living outside Imm’s Shelter.

The first one to be caught for TVT treatment was Tara. It wasn’t easy catching her, but they managed to. Tara only needed three jabs and she has now fully recovered and his back in the colony, fed daily by Imm’s Shelter.

Then, there was Fluff and Dora. It was very challenging attempting to catch these two as they were very elusive. After more than a month, finally, Fluff was caught and is now undergoing treatment at the vet’s. Dora still could not be caught.

Next was Harry, a male. Imm and fellow rescuers managed to catch him too and he too is undergoing treatment at the vet’s for TVT now.

Imm’s has requested our sponsorship for Fluff and Dora’s treatment but since Dora could not be caught, they requested that we sponsor Harry’s in lieu of Dora, so we agreed. That would be a maximum of RM1500 per dog (Fluff and Dora).

This is a Sponsored Animals in selected shelters initiative.

Judy has been updating me regularly with photos on Fluff’s and Harry’s treatment. Both of them have already been neutered. The vet decided to get them neutered first since they are so elusive and there is a danger they might just escape. So the TVT treatment started after both were neutered.

Now, Judy says there is another dog outside with TVT (his penis is really swollen). Imm named him Tuff (“tough” to catch!) and he is most likely from the same colony as he was sighted together with Tara, the first one caught, treated and has recovered. Judy says they will try and source another sponsor for Tuff’s treatment.

This illustrates the risks of being unneutered street dogs. They live in their own colonies and are fearful of humans, so that makes them difficult to catch for treatment.

Tara only needed 3 jabs for full recovery as she was caught much earlier. Fluff has undergone her 4th jab now and the TVT is still there. Please see photos below.

Judy visits regularly and brings the two dogs chicken rice.

This is Tara and Tuff (another dog with TVT).


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