Cleo to the vet’s (kidney degeneration)

I took Cleo, Indy and Cow Mau to the vet’s today for their geriatric check-up. It’s all bad news, unfortunately.

Well, they are, after all, our super seniors.

Aging happens and we know there is no escape from geriatric illnesses.

Cleo is 16 years 7 months old.

She has been a kidney patient since September 2019. It has been four years on a maintenance protocol.

Last year, her blood test showed some improvement and it looked like Renal-N managed to keep the creatinine level in check at 225 in April 2022.

But today, her creatinine had already shot up to 467 and the urea is 24.1, both very high. Her blood PCV is 27% which is slightly anaemic, again this comes with kidney degeneration.

However, Cleo has shown no symptoms of the worsening condition of her kidneys apart of being dehydrated despite the 200ml thrice-weekly subcut.

Cleo’s weight is 3kg which is her normal weight. Her blood pressure is also maintained at 150 (systolic).

This is the prescriptive treatment for Cleo:

CKD stage 2-3. To continue subcut daily 150ml for 10 days. Renal-N increase to 1 scoop 2x daily. On renal kibble. To recheck in 10 days’ time.


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