Free access for the Blondies to Tabs’ Safehouse!

I opened the kitchen back door today and everyone from Bunny’s Place was free to come into Tabs’ Safehouse!

Everyone came in to explore, including Cow Mau, Indy and Cleo. Surprisingly, Cleo was keen to explore. Usually, she is very wary and untrusting of new spaces and would prefer to run back to her safe space, but Cleo spent a long time here today, sitting by me.

Riley, Samantha and the Blondies played up and down the staircase. Cow Mau also went up. I have not checked if Cow sprayed urine upstairs.

What joy!

Cow decided too much activity is not so good for him, so he went back to rest.

The back door is still wide open.

Indy also went back to rest.

Tabs is hiding here, in the living room, where she will be safe from being ambushed by the Blondies.