Tabs to the vet’s for her annual check-up

How told is Tabs, exactly? We don’t know.

She came to our old house in November 2011 wearing a red collar with a bell. When I took her to the vet’s to be neutered, the vet estimated her age to be “7 months”. This would mean Tabs is 12 plus this year.

So since I was taking Cow Mau for his echocardiogram and Indy’s blood test results totally shocked me yesterday, I felt it prudent to take Tabs for a geriatric check-up as well. Her last blood test was in September 2022, a year ago.

Tabs also has a spur on her spine, detected in March this year.

So blood was taken and thankfully, all her readings are normal. The creatinine level is 163 but the SDMA is 8, so that’s considered okay. The higher creatinine could be due to what she had eaten too.

The vet checked her heart as well and it sounded normal.

I asked the vet to check Tabs’ mouth too as she’s the only senior cat who hasn’t had a dental scaling done. The vet said all looks okay, nothing serious was detected. I asked if she has a very bad tooth. It was in Dec 2022 when Tabs was put on a herbal liver supplement and she reacted badly to it. We rushed her to the 24hr pet clinic. That vet said she had a very bad rotting tooth which needed to be extracted. Looks like that tooth isn’t there anymore or the “very bad rotting tartar” is gone.

Anyway, since Tabs has a spur on the spine, to prevent it from deteriorating, the vet says we can start Tabs on Maximus Joint (what Cow Mau is taking for his hind legs). So they can share the bottle.

After Tabs was done with her examination, it was Cow Mau’s turn for the echocardiogram and Tabs just wandered around the room for the entire 30-40 minutes!

I’m so glad Tabs has been given a clean bill of health!

I did ask the vet if I needed to bring Riley and Kai for a check-up since both aren’t really interested to eat. More interested to play. The vet said this isn’t uncommon with kittens, so I could just monitor them for now. Kai is the lightest of the three Blondies now. And I have been handfeeding Riley every day too. But both are active. Just not interested in eating.

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