Wet renal food for Indy and Cleo

For the next 10 days, Cleo and Indy will be on a strict renal diet and subcut so that we can evaluate if this regimen works to reduce their creatinine levels.

For renal food, I only have Cubgrub’s CKD Chicken and RC’s renal kibble. The renal kibble is used more as a snack, actually.

Today, I bought them Brit’s renal canned food as well as Hill’s KD, for variety. Wet food is always preferred.

Indy loves it!

Actually, ever since the first subcut yesterday, I could already see a change for the better in Indy. I think the fluids help to remove some of the toxins (creatinine and urea are both toxins) and will bring about a feeling of better wellbeing. His appetite, for one, has improved and he is showing interest in food now.

I’ve also ordered Astro’s Oil’s renal care package and have discussed this with the vet. She says there is no harm in trying this too. Pole was on this package and it gave her 4 months of quality life.

Cleo liked it too but so did Cow Mau and Cow actually stole Cleo’s food.

Tabs also wanted some.

In general, renal food has lower protein and other minerals, so it should only be fed to cats with renal problems. As an occasional snack to other normal healthy cats is acceptable, but not as a staple diet.

I had to give Cow his own bowl too. Otherwise, Cleo would have nothing to eat!



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